Our Assets

Our production and processing assets a located in the Russian Federation.
NOVATEK has 32 licenses on exploration and production in YNAO with 12.8 bln boe of total SEC proved reserves (at 31.12.2015). We carry commercial production of natural gas, gas condensate and crude oil at 13 fields. We stabilize gas condensate at our Purovsky Plant and we process stable gas condensate at our Ust-Luga Complex.

[Our licenses]


Producing Fields

1. Yurkharovskoye field

2. East-Tarkosalinskoye field

3. Khancheyskoye field

4. Olimpiyskiy license area

5. Yumantilskiy license area

6. Samburgskiy license area

7. North-Urengoyskoye field

8. North-Khancheyskoye field

9. Yaro-Yakhinskiy license area

10. Termokarstovoye field

11. Yarudeyskoye field
Prospective Fields

12. South-Tambeyskoye field

22. West-Chaselskoye field

13. West-Yurkharovskoye field

23. Yevo-Yakhinskoye field

14. Raduzhnoye field

24. North-Chaselskiy license area

15. West-Urengoiskiy license area

25. Utrenneye field

16. North-Yubileynoye field

26. Geofizicheskiy license area

17. North-Russkiy license area

27. North-Obskiy license area

18. North-Russkoye field

28. East-Tambeyskiy license area

19. Dorogovskoye field

29. North-Tasiyskiy license area

20. Ukrainsko-Yubileynoye field

30. East-Tazovskoye field

21. Malo-Yamalskoye field

31. Trekhbugorniy license area