Domestic filling stations network

Our LPG in Russia is sold in small wholesale and retail through our network of refuelling stations and small wholesale stations called NOVATEK-AZK. The network also sells regular and premium gasoline and diesel fuel.

In 2017 we sold 146 thousand tons of LPG through our filling stations network.

From 2012 we are implementing the "Change For Gas!' program aimed at conversion of vehicles for the use of gas. A discount card is granted to all of the participants of the program upon installing the gas equipment on a vehicle. The discount card will allow to recoup the costs faster.

We also have a corporate discount card program in place allowing our clients to control fuel costs more effectively. Our cards are protected from unauthorized usage, and are granted and processed free of charge.

A personal bonus card system is also implemented by the Company. In addition to the discount, a card allows the owner to accumulate bonuses which can be used at any time at one of our stations.

Map of NOVATEK's filling stations