Liquids Sales

NOVATEK sells liquid hydrocarbons (stable gas condensate, petroleum products, light hydrocarbons, LPG and crude oil) domestically and internationally. We strive to respond quickly to changing market conditions by optimizing the customer base and supply geography, as well as developing and maintaining our own logistics infrastructure. 


In 2017, the liquids sales volume reached 15,939 mt, or 5.4% less than in 2016. In 2017, export sales decreased by 8.5% as compared to 2016 and amounted to 9,027 mt.

In 2017, our liquids sales revenues increased to RR 332 billion, or by 9.2% as compared to 2016, mainly driven by higher global oil prices and underlying benchmark prices.

Petroleum products from the Ust-Luga Complex accounted for a 42% share of our overall liquids sales volumes. We sold a total of 6,743 mt of petroleum products, including 4,102 mt of naphtha, 1,121 mt of jet fuel and 1,520 mt of fuel oil and gasoil. The majority of petroleum products (98%) were exported. Export volumes were distributed as follows: Europe – 58%, Asia-Pacific – 29%, and North America – 13%.  Most of our heavy naphtha was exported to Asia Pacific, light naphtha – to Northwest Europe and North America, and jet fuel, diesel fraction and heavy fuel – to Northwest Europe.

Export and domestic sales of stable gas condensate continued in 2017 as we reached full capacity utilization at the Ust-Luga Complex. Total stable gas condensate sales volumes amounted to 1,918 mt, representing a 32% decrease compared to 2016.

A portion of light hydrocarbons produced at the Purovsky Plant is processed on tolling terms at SIBUR’s Tobolsk Petrochemical Complex into marketable LPG, which is then delivered to NOVATEK’s customer base, while the rest of the light hydrocarbons volumes are sold to SIBUR. We sold 1,288 mt of light hydrocarbons in 2017. 

Marketable LPG sales volumes totaled 1,360 mt in 2017, representing a 9.2% increase compared to 2016. LPG export sales volumes amounted to 536 mt or 39% of the total LPG sales volumes. Novatek Polska, our wholly owned LPG trading company in Poland, sold 509 mt of LPG, representing 95% of our total LPG export sales.  Apart from Poland, LPG was also exported to Finland.

In the domestic market, our LPG is sold through large wholesale channels as well as through our network of retail and small wholesale stations. In 2017, large wholesale supplies to the domestic market stood at 679 mt, representing 82% of domestic LPG sales.  We also sold LPG via our network of 66 retail stations and seven (7) small wholesale stations in the Chelyabinsk, Volgograd, Rostov and Astrakhan Regions. The combined sales from our retail and wholesale stations totaled 146 mt.

Sales of crude oil in 2017 totaled 4,616 mt, which is 0.7% below the similar indicator from 2016. We sold 67% of our crude oil volumes in the domestic market with the remaining volumes exported.

Liquids Sales Volumes
FY 2016
FY 2017
Petroleum products, mt


Liquefied petroleum gas, mt
Crude oil, mt
Light hydrocarbons1,4681,288
Stable gas condensate2,8121,918


Geography of Liquids Sales