North-Urengoyskoye field

Field map



The North-Urengoyskoye gas condensate fieldis located 25 km south of the Yurkharovskoye field. The development license for the field is held by Nortgas. In November 2012, NOVATEK acquired a 49% equity stake in Nortgas. In June 2013, NOVATEK increased its equity stake in Nortgas from 49% to 50% as a result of an additional issue of shares.


Year of finding field1966
Launch date2001
License holderNortgas (NOVATEK's share  - 50%)
License typeProduction
Date of expirationTill 2038
Natural gas proved reserves (SEC)9480.1 bcm
Liquids proved reserves (SEC)6.8 mmt
Share in NOVATEK production in 20177% of natural gas production and 3% of liquids production


Field reserves are concentrated in two domes – Western and Eastern.

Commercial production started at the Western Dome in 2001. In October 2013, commercial production was launched at the Eastern dome. Its infrastructure included a gas treatment facility with annual capacity of six (6) billion cubic meters (bcm), a gas gathering networks, and gas and gas condensate pipelines connected to the Western dome of the field. The Eastern Dome allows the joint venture to achieve peak production capacity.

In 2015 a condensate de-ethanization facility was commissioned at the Western Dome of the North-Urengoyskoye field to optimize the field’s production activities as we previously utilized Gazprom’s de-ethanization facilities. The launching our own de-ethanization facility lowered processing costs and increased product output.

In 2017, booster compressor station, with a capacity of 48 MW was commissioned. This station is needed to transport gas and improve its treatment quality.