North-Russkoye Field


The North-Russkoye field is the first launch of the North-Russkiy block of fields, which also includes the Dorogovskoye, East-Tazovskoye and Kharbeyskoye fields scheduled for commercial launch during 2020 to 2021 with cumulative gas production capacity of more than 13 billion cubic meters per annum. In December 2019  PAO NOVATEK  announced that NOVATEK-Tarkosaleneftegas, a wholly owned subsidiary, commenced pilot production at the North-Russkoye field, with estimated annual production capacity of 5.7 billion cubic meters of natural gas and 700 thousand tons of gas condensate.


Launch date
License holder
OOO NOVATEK-Tarkosaleneftegas
License type
Exploration and Production
Date of expirationTill 2031
Natural gas proved reserves (SEC)74 bcm
Liquids proved reserves (SEC)5 mmt