Syskonsynyinskiy LA


In December 2017 PAO NOVATEK announced the acquisition of AO South-Khadyryakhinskoye and AO Eurotek from AR Oil&Gas B.V., joint venture of AO Neftegazholding and Repsol S.A. 

AO Eurotek holds the hydrocarbon exploration and production license for the Syskonsynyinskiy license area located in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Region, 120 km to the North-West of the town of Nyagan.


License holder

AO Eurotek (NOVATEK's share  - 50%)

License typeExploration and Production
Date of expirationTill 2027
Share in NOVATEK production in 2017<1% of natural gas production and <1% of liquids production