Urengoyskoe field (Arcticgas)

Field map



The wells drilled at the Urengoyskoye field target the Achimov deposits, which are characterized by relatively high depth (approximately 3,700 meters) and high share of gas condensate in the hydrocarbon flow.


Launch date2014
License holderArcticgas (NOVATEK's share  - 50%)
License typeExploration and Production
Date of expirationTill 2034
Natural gas proved reserves (SEC)197.7 bcm
Liquids proved reserves (SEC)46.8 mmt
Share in NOVATEK production in 201713% of natural gas production and 27% of liquids production


The first phase of the Urengoyskoye field development was launched in April 2014, and the second phase followed in December 2014. Overall production capacity of the two phases is approximately 13 bcm of natural gas and 4.7 mmt of de-ethanized gas condensate per annum. Production drilling targets the Achimov deposits which are relatively deep (approximately 3,700 m) and are characterized by an ultra-high content of gas condensate in the hydrocarbon flow.

In 2016 a methanol production unit with a capacity of 50 mt per annum was launched at the Urengoyskoye field resulting in a significant reduction of methanol purchasing costs.