The Khancheyskoye field was discovered in 1990 and is located 65 kilometers to the east of the East-Tarkosalinksoye field. The license for the Khancheyskoye field is valid until 2044. The field began producing natural gas and gas condensate in 2001 and crude oil in 2007.

In 2015 field’s marketable production totalled 2.5 bcm of natural gas and 0.4 million tons of liquid hydrocarbons. Gas and condensate production at the field peaked in 2010-2011, and future potential is associated with the development of field’s crude oil reserves.

In 2015 a crude oil treatment facility was commissioned at the Khancheyskoye field as part of the field’s oil development program. At year-end, 40 production wells were in operation at the field, including producing crude oil from 10 wells.