of wastewater is disposed of by re-injection into thief zones and is used for reservoir pressure maintenance





reduction in water consumption through the use of reservoir waters into the process purposes

The main regions of our presence feature eabundance of water resources. It is therefore important to maintain the natural balance and purity of such an extremely valuable global resource as water. To this end, the Company has been tracking and monitoring water intake and discharge while keeping a close watch on wastewater treatment.

To reduce negative impact on water resources we have implemented the following projects:

  • TREATMENT FACILITIES. Each production site has treatment facilities to treat industrial as well as household wastewater preventing discharge of untreated wastewater into the environment.
  • SHORELINE CLEANING. Voluntary clean-up events are arranged to clean waterfront areas adjacent to our sites to protect water bodies from littering.  In 2016, the Company launched a targeted spring voluntary clean-up campaign to clean the shorelines of water bodies and water conservation zones. NOVATEK is continuing this effort.
  • REINJECTION. Formation water produced along with hydrocarbons is re-injected into thief zones for reservoir pressure maintenance. All wastewaters are treated before re-injection.