Social Responsibility

Social Policy and Charity make up an important part of NOVATEK's activities. In 2018, the Company continued to pay close attention to projects aimed at supporting the culture, preserving and revitalizing national values and spiritual legacy of Russia, promoting and integrating the Russian art into the international cultural space, and developing mass and high-performance sports. NOVATEK enters into agreements with regional governments across the Company's geographical footprint and implements programs to improve living standards and preserve the distinctive cultural identity of the indigenous peoples of the Far North.

In 2018, NOVATEK and its subsidiaries invested RR 2.0 billion in projects and activities related to the support of indigenous peoples, charitable contributions, cultural and educational programs.


Cooperation with the regions

Within the framework of agreements signed with various regions, the Company was investing in YNAO and KhMAO, the Leningrad, Murmansk, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, and Kostroma Regions throughout 2018. The Company also financed the construction, repairs and upgrades of social infrastructure facilities, earmarked significant funds to implementing educational, cultural, children and youth programs and projects, and was supporting low-income families, people with disabilities, the elderly and veterans.

NOVATEK is annually providing assistance to various regions by helping with settlement development, construction and renovation of accommodation, educational facilities and advancing local healthcare.

The Company is directly involved in funding the construction of important social infrastructure facilities across the YNAO.

In September 2018, NOVATEK together with the YNAO Government opened an 800-student boarding school in the village of Gyda in the YNAO. The project was fully funded by NOVATEK.

The new school will become an important educational and cultural centre of the Gydan Peninsula. It is equipped with the modern equipment to ensure proper educational process and carry out cultural and sports-related activities. The school facilities include a canteen, a medical facility, workshops, a language laboratory, a reading room, a conference hall, a museum and a projection room, where students could develop their creativity and get involved in the arts.

Construction of a new modern boarding school in one of the most remote settlement of the YNAO is a project aimed to improve the living standards of the Far North indigenous and minority groups. Education is a base for development of young people’s vast capacities and human resources in the region in particular and in the country in general. Our contribution to the social and economic development creates better understanding and ensures preserving of the cultural heritage in the Company's core regions.


Cooperation with Indigenous Peoples of the Far North

During the reporting year, NOVATEK provided financial support to the Yamal for Descendants Association of indigenous peoples and its district branches. We assisted indigenous peoples through financing the purchase of equipment and materials required for the work of fishermen and reindeer herders. Portacabins were purchased for the needs of the tundra population. NOVATEK financed fuel purchases for air delivery of the nomadic population and food to remote areas. Assistance was provided to people in financial distress. One particular area of support is taking part in organizing and staging ethnic festivals of indigenous peoples as well as provision of funding for environmental programs.


Educatonal Programs

NOVATEK continued to develop the Company’s continuing education program, which provides opportunities to gifted students from the regions where we operate to further their education at top rated universities, participate in NOVATEK internships and, upon completion of their studies, possible employment with the Company.

Recruitment and career guidance for promising employees start with the “Gifted Children” program implemented at School No. 8 in Novokuybyshevsk, school No. 2 in Tarko-Sale, school No. 81 in Tyumen and in 2018, school No. 2 in Salekhard joined the program. Special classes are formed on a competitive basis from the most talented grade 10 and 11 students with above-average test scores. The Company has also implemented two Grants programs for schoolchildren and teachers living in Purovsky District of the YNAO.

The Grants program for schoolchildren is aimed at academic and creative development and encouraging a responsible attitude towards studies. Under the program, students in grades five (5) through eleven (11) are awarded grants from the Company. In 2018, the Company awarded 39 grants to students under this program. The Grants program for teachers is intended to raise the prestige of the teaching profession and create favorable conditions for developing new and talented teachers. In 2018, four teachers from the Purovsky District received grants under this program.

In an effort to create conditions for more effective use of university and college resources in preparing students for future professional activities, the Company has developed and successfully implemented the NOVATEK-University program. The program is an action plan for focused, high-quality training for specialists with higher education in key areas of expertise in order to grow the Company’s business and meet its needs for young specialists. The program is based at the Saint-Petersburg University of Mines, the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas in Moscow and the Tyumen Industrial University.

Students who have passed their exams with good and excellent results receive additional monthly payments. During their studies, the students are offered paid field, engineering and directed internships. This experience allows them to apply the knowledge obtained at lectures and seminars to real-life situations and gain experience in the professions they’ve chosen, while the Company receives an opportunity to meet potential employees.


Support of Cultural Traditions

In 2018, NOVATEK continued its cooperation with Russia’s leading museums including the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Russian State Museum, and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, and supported the most important art and music projects.

In 2018, NOVATEK was involved in implementation of the “Ilya and Emilia Kabakov. Not Everyone Will Be Taken Into the Future” international project. A large-scale retrospective exhibition of Ilya and Emilia Kabakov's works was publicly available in the Tate Modern museum (United Kingdom, London), the State Hermitage (Russia, Saint Petersburg), and in the State Tretyakov Gallery (Russia, Moscow).

The Company supported exhibitions “Nikolai Kulbin” and “Lazar Khidekel” in the Russian State Museum. In 2018, the main theme of the exhibitions was avant-garde art. NOVATEK also supported the annual Imperial Gardens of Russia international festival of garden and park art titled “Flower Assembly”. In the year of the 315th anniversary of founding of Saint Petersburg and the 120th anniversary of the opening of the State Russian Museum, the Imperial Gardens of Russia festival was for the first time held in the Summer Garden.

“Russian Museum. Common Stories”, a book by Vladimir Gusev, the State Russian Museum director, was published with the support by the Company.

In partnership with NOVATEK, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) presented the exhibition of the local nonconformist “Vladimir Yankilevsky. Mystery of Being” coinciding with the artist's 80th birthday anniversary. In 2018, NOVATEK continued supporting the MMOMA Education Center. Besides, MMOMA delivered a course of lectures on the history of Russian and foreign fine arts, fashion, design and architecture at the office of NOVATEK to the Company’s employees and their families.

The Sixth Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art was held with the support of the Company.

NOVATEK is a permanent partner of the international festival-school of contemporary art TERRITORIYA. In 2018, the festival presented Russian and foreign plays and dance programs and organized an educational program.

The Company continued supporting the activities of the Gogol-center.

In 2018, NOVATEK remained a General Partner of the Moscow Soloists Chamber Ensemble under the direction of Yuri Bashmet. The Company acted as General Partner of the first Asian tour of the Russian Youth Symphony Orchestra led by Yuri Bashmet. The tour included concerts in Moscow, Vladivostok, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing and Seoul.


Sports Projects

NOVATEK attaches great importance to programs for the development of mass and high-performance sports. The Company, its subsidiaries and joint ventures regularly hold tournaments in the most popular and wide-spread sports: football, volleyball, swimming, ski, to name a few.

The Company supported the children and youth sports in the regions of its operations. In 2018, the “NOVATEK – Step to Bigger Football” Indoor Football Cups among secondary school teams were held in the Chelyabinsk and Kostroma Regions. More than eleven thousand boys and girls took part in the competitions. As part of the World Football Championship 2018 youth events a match of the winning teams of the Chelyabinsk and Kostroma championships was held on Moscow's Red Square.

The Company supported Figure Skating and Ice Hockey Federations of the Yamal-Nenets Automonous Region, and Student Basketball Association with more than 800 teams and 10,000 boys and girls participating in competitions. The Russian Federation of Dance Sports and Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll and the Company support corporate dance sport and acrobatic rock’n’roll clubs in the regions where the Company operates. In April 2018, members of the corporate acrobatic rock’n’roll clubs participated in the III Russia-wide acrobatic rock’n’roll competition Rock’n’Roll & Co.


In the reporting year, NOVATEK continued cooperation with the Football Union of Russia as the General Partner of the Russian National Football Teams. The Company supported women’s volleyball club Dinamo and the NOVA Volleyball Club (Novokuybishevsk).



In 2017, NOVATEK adopted its Charity Policy, which provides for supporting children in desperate need of medical care residing in the regions where we operate.

In 2018 the Company kicked off execution of the new charity project titled “Health Territory”. As part of this project, lead specialists of the Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital visited children of the YNAO, Murmansk and Kostroma.

In the reporting year, the Company procured equipment for regional healthcare facilities and financed treatment and rehabilitation programs for prematurely-born and partially sighted children. The Company provided targeted assistance to children with severe conditions. In addition to charity policy the Company implemented cultural programs for handicapped children and children from low-income and large families.

In 2018 the “All Together” volunteer movement attained the age of 10 since commencing operations. Over the past ten years the charity's geography has expanded significantly, while it has remained focused on supporting orphans, children with various diseases, seniors and the World War II veterans as its primary activity. In the reporting year the first charity campaign aimed to provide help for animals was organized.