Voting Results History

Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

Voting results

Date of ЕGM: 2 October 2008

Form of the EGM: meeting.
Number of votes possessed by the persons who took part in the EGM – 2,416,059,054 which comprised 79.57% of the total number of voting shares.
The meeting is in quorum on all of the agenda items.

Agenda items For Against Withheld
1. On early termination of authorities of the members of NOVATEK’s Board of Directors. 99.734% 0.016% 0.248%
2. Election of NOVATEK’s Board of Directors see below

3. On payment (declaration) of dividends on ordinary shares of OAO NOVATEK for first half 2008 99.997% 0.002% 0%

Voting results on the agenda item No2
“Election of NOVATEK’s Board of Directors”

The Board of Directors was elected via cumulative voting, where one voter can put multiple votes on one or more candidates.

The total number of cumulative votes is 21,744,441,351, the number of votes allocated between the candidates reached 21,737,158,116.

Candidate Votes
Andrei Igorevich Akimov 13.173%
Burkhard Bergmann 6.602%
Ruben Karlenovich Vardanian 6.789%
Mark Anthony Gyetvay 10.081%
Vladimir Alexandrovich Dmitriev 10.582%
Leonid Viktorovich Mikhelson 19.987%
Alexander Yegorovich Natalenko 12.826%
Kirill Gennadievich Seleznev 13.172%
Ilia Arturovich Yuzhanov 6.790%