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Purovsky Plant

Purovsky Plant

Our subsidiaries and joint ventures are producing natural gas with a significant content of liquid hydrocarbons (gas condensate). After being separated and de-ethanized at the field the main part of unstable (de-ethanized) gas condensate is delivered via a system of condensate pipelines owned and operated by the Company for further stabilization at our Purovsky Plant located in the YNAO in close proximity to the city of Tarko-Sale.

The Purovsky Plant is the central element in our vertically integrated value chain that provides us complete operational control over our processing needs and access to higher yielding marketing channels for our stable gas condensate. The Purovsky Plant processes unstable gas condensate into stable gas condensate and natural gas liquids (NGL).

In 2022 the Purovsky Plant processed 13,247 mt of de-ethanized gas condensate, representing a 3.3% increase compared to 2021. The processing capacity of the Purovsky Plant is in line with the total production capacity of NOVATEK and its joint ventures fields that supply feedstock to the Purovsky Plant. The 2022 output mix included 9,857 mt of stable gas condensate, 3,302 mt of NGL and LPG and 23.5 mt of regenerated methanol. 

The Purovsky Plant is connected via its own railway line to the Russian rail network at the Limbey rail station. Subsequent to the launch of the Ust-Luga Complex in 2013, most of the stable gas condensate volumes produced at the Purovsky Plant are delivered by rail to Ust-Luga for further processing or transshipment to exports, with the remaining volume of stable gas condensate sold directly from the plant to the domestic market.

All of the NGL volumes (feedstock for LPG production) produced at the plant are delivered by pipeline to SIBUR’s Tobolsk Petrochemical Complex for further processing.