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The use of special hydrocarbon-based drilling mud allows to increase drilling speed and results in the high-precision penetration of production horizons. Geosteering technology enables to maximize the length of productive horizontal sections of our wells. Application of these technologies allows to materially increase flow rates.

Drilling Cuttings Processing Plant

A unique drilling cuttings processing plant at the Yurkharovskoye field enables us to efficiently resolve the drilling cuttings utilization problem, while drilling at the coast of the Gulf of Ob, resulting in material environmental benefits and cost savings due to efficient recycling of hydrocarbon-based drilling mud.

Production Wells

A typical well casing at the Yurkharovskoye field is up to 245 mm in diameter with the length of horizontal part of the borehole exceeding 1,000 meters, which results in flow rate of up to 4.5 mmcm of gas per day. The use of large diameter and multilateral horizontal wells reduces the total number of wells required to develop the field, thereby minimizing the field’s overall capital expenditures.


Turbo-expanders operating at our Yurkharovskoye field allow to materially increase the efficiency of gas treatment operations due to much lower electricity consumption and full compliance with quality requirements to marketable gas.

Methanol Production Facility

Methanol is an integral element of natural gas and gas condensate production process allowing to avoid hydrate formation. A unique methanol production facility at our Yurkharovskoye field eliminated the need to purchase and transport methanol to the field, thus decreasing our lifting costs and minimizing potential environmental risks.

Alternative Energy Sources

Solar panels and wind generators provide the necessary electricity to operate the telemechanic system and valves of the condensate pipeline connecting our Yurkharovskoye field with the Purovsky Plant therefore eliminating the need to build a costly high voltage power transmission line along the entire pipeline route and reducing pipeline construction time.

LPG Dehydration Unit

The LPG dehydration unit at our Purovsky Plant is the first of its kind to be constructed and utilized in Russia, which allows us to produce LPG to the highest quality requirements, including international standards for export purposes.

On Spot Loading System

NOVATEK was the first in Russia to introduce “On Spot” loading system at its Purovsky Plant to load stable gas condensate into rail tank cars. This loading system ensures the fastest loading possible (compared with gallery-type loading systems) while minimizing environmental risks.