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The Russian Federal Service for Financial Markets granted NOVATEK permission for deposits of up to 910,589,000 ordinary shares, or 29.99% of our ordinary share capital, into the GDR program.

The exchange rate of GDRs to ordinary shares is 1 to 10. The GDRs were issued pursuant to two separate Deposit agreements, one for the Rule 144A GDRs and one for the Regulation S GDRs.

The depository for the GDRs is the Bank of New York Mellon. All questions regarding GDR conversion and circulation should be addressed to the Depositary: 

GDR program Depositary

The Bank of New York Mellon
USA, 10286, New York, 240 GREENWICH STREET
London +44 207 163 7512
New York +1 212 815 4158
Moscow +7 495 967 3110

Upcoming change of depository