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Environmental Protection

NOVATEK has been taking care to reduce air pollutant and greenhouse emissions as well as doing everything possible for climate conservation.
We are committed to sustainable water use and efficient wastewater treatment. We do not operate in water-short regions while our environmental policy promotes prudent water consumption.
Waste. Land
We are engaged in land protection and reclamation, as well as waste management by separating and treating recyclable waste.
The company is committed to the surveying and preservation of biodiversity in the regions of presence.
Climate Protection Initiatives
Climate change is a global challenge and a key issue for oil and gas industry. NOVATEK focuses its environmental protection efforts on approaching climate change management strategically while consistently reducing its greenhouse gas emissions.
Permafrost Monitoring
To prevent possible adverse consequences of changes in permafrost condition, appropriate measures are taken at the Company’s fields to make sure subsoil under buildings and structures remains frozen.
Employees of NOVATEK and its affiliates taking part in social and environmental events every year.