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Our supply chain management system is an integrated process consisting of interrelated elements: procurement planning, inventory management, pre-qualification of tenderers, evaluation of tenders and contract award, contract quality and milestone management (including expediting, during production inspections, delivery receipt, checking the necessary permits, and incoming inspection), and control of inventory transactions. The supply chain management is also closely linked with other related processes at the Company, such as contract management and budgeting. The principles of purchasing materials and equipment, works and services in NOVATEK are determined by the Company’s Procurement Policy.

ESG criteria are integrated into all stages of the procurement process, from procurement planning to putting the inventory into operation. When entering into contracts, we set out our expectations with counterparties and monitor how they are observed at various stages of the procurement process. The Company also pays attention to whether its suppliers observe the human rights requirements, inter alia preventing child and forced labor.

Procurement process
Procurement transparency and equal treatment of suppliers