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Indigenous Peoples

The Company’s operations out in the Russian regions have an impact on the lives of indigenous peoples, which is why NOVATEK pays special attention to engaging with local communities and supporting social projects to raise their quality of life. The Company runs a comprehensive program to raise the living standards of indigenous peoples, preserve their traditional ways of life, culture, and ethnic identity, and protect their ancestral lands.

All projects are preceded by an assessment of potential negative impacts of the Company’s operations on the indigenous peoples of the Far North and the development of measures to minimize them. NOVATEK engages with stakeholders during the planning and construction phases of new projects. When planning economic or other activities in areas where indigenous peoples of the Far North traditionally live, the Company holds mandatory public consultations to take into account the interests of the indigenous population. The Company works together with the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Region Government, municipal authorities, NGOs of indigenous peoples of the Far North, and nomadic families engaged in traditional economic activities. The Company has internal regulations governing engagements with indigenous peoples. In particular, the Indigenous Peoples of the Far North Engagement Guide of OAO Yamal LNG is binding for both NOVATEK and contractor employees.

The Company strives to minimize the negative impact of its operations and supports the indigenous peoples of the Far North. NOVATEK finances refueling services, purchases snowmobiles and boat motors for indigenous communities, and ensures the delivery of forage to prevent mass reindeer mortality. In 2021, the Company also financed the acquisition and equipping of a modular nomadic kindergarten, which makes it possible to provide pre-school education for children from nomadic families at the Nareidalva camp near the village of Nakhodka.

Another focus area is participation in organizing and holding events related to ethnic and cultural traditions. The Company takes part in organizing and conducting traditional holidays of indigenous peoples, such as Reindeer Herder’s Day, Fisherman’s Day, Indigenous Peoples’ Day, events commemorating anniversaries and memorable dates of Nenets authors and poets. NOVATEK supports the preservation of cultural heritage sites, funding the Limbya Nomad Camp ethnographic park, implementing Khorei — the Yamal Literary Map project — and supporting activities to preserve the traditional ways of life, culture, and language of the indigenous peoples of the Far North.

Indigenous Peoples Documents